Driving integrated architecture and interiors models produces cohesive structures that marry the forms through function.  We have participated in projects not only in Canada but also in the United States and overseas.  Through proper programming and collaboration, we can deliver excellence.

We focus on our clients’ goals and provide innovative solutions and program development that respond to their budget and time frame. By identifying a framework for infrastructure, building siting, and design decisions, a well conceived plan can provide a basis for long term capital improvement programs. Beyond the broad strokes of site planning, the development of Implementation Plans can provide consistent guide lines and standards for project execution.

Our working method underwent a valuable process evolution through its adoption of Building Information Modeling (BIM). Utilizing Autodesk’s REVIT Architecture from the earliest stages of projects, our project team is able to develop a larger amount of design information, with more accuracy, efficiency and with greater visual communication ability. The information that is produced is available immediately, therefore design decisions can be made earlier when they have the most positive impact on a project’s success.

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